• The average duration of pain from a wolf spider bite is 10 minutes. So hold on if you are bitten.
  • Wolf spiders have eight eyes arranged in three rows. Only two eyes, however, are principal eyes.
  • Females carry their egg sacs and spiderlings with them on their back.
  • Wolf spider eyes gloom in the dark when you direct a flashlight towards them.
  • Since 1990 doctors have not used antivenom against its bite as they figured the harm was worse than the benefits.
  • The pain from wolf spider bites lasts for a short time only and is caused to mechanical trauma, and not an effect from venom ....
  • Wolf spiders have large and robust front legs to hold an squeeze the prey they capture.
  • Wolf spiders have an excellent sight and can hunt both day and night - they are diurnal
  • The Latin name of wolf spiders (Lycos) means wolf and it does not imply that they hunt in groups.


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Wolf Spider Pictures

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Wolf spider on wall

Wolf spider with glooming eyes

The full Wolf spider cartoon

Wolf spider

Wolf spider (Lycosidae arctosa)

Wolf spider on brownish leaves

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